Cinema 4D : Tutorial On Vertex Maps

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01:13 - (I) - Intro & Deformers
03:16 - (II) - Mograph Effectors & Shading
06:53 - (III) - Soft Body , Cloth & Spline Dynamics
10:00 - (IV) - Others Tutorials about Vertex Maps
15:20 - (V) - How Can We Animate Vertex Maps
25:48 - (VI) - Some Exemples of Animated Vertex Maps
31:44 - (VII) - 3 Differents Setups with Vertex Maps

Sources :

-Ben Watts-

Applying Damage & Wear To Models :


Creating dynamic wrinkles and creases with the Tension Tag in Cinema 4D :

How to generate Cavity Maps with the Tension Tag :

How to use a Vertex Map for Colorizing Polygons :

How to generate a Falloff for Vertex Maps with Pose Morph :

How to create a Falloff Gizmo for Vertex Maps in C4D (Xpresso) :

How to use Vertex Maps with MoGraph Effectors in Cinema 4D :


Vertex Map + Shader Effector + Particle Falloff for organic wavy motion :

-Mathias Zabiegly-

-Simon Holmedal-

IBC 2014 :


weight map propagation :


Vertex Map Animator :

-Paul Everett (

-Project4D-(Not mentionned in the tutorial but check it out)
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