C4D Tutorial: Making Python Scripting As Easy As Possible For Artists

C4D Tutorial: Making Python Scripting As Easy As Possible For Artists

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UPDATE 6/24/2016: I received some great feedback from Mike Udin (https://vimeo.com/mikeudin) in the comments below! I've updated the timeline and keyframe scripts to reflect it, and have also updated the tutorial with an explanation at around 24:43. UPDATE 6/26/2016: I modified the Insert Effector script to work similarly to the other scripts. You can now simply drag the effector type into the parentheses of the function when you call it. You can download the scripts here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dx03ca583f1emv2/NW%20Script%20Tools.zip?dl=0 This is a tutorial for those who struggle with wrapping their head around scripting with Python in Cinema 4D. I have written a few simple scripts to make scripting as easy as possible for people who find the whole process frustrating and difficult. For a primer on Python and how Python interacts with Cinema, check out these tutorials by Jack Bransfield: Python Fundamentals - https://vimeo.com/29903598 Talking to Cinema 4D - https://vimeo.com/29903825 Talking to Twitter - https://vimeo.com/29905008 For an in depth look at creating a keyframe, check out Pim Groof's tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE3v_oH2AI0 For a little bit more info on the roadblocks I hit while learning scripting, check out these posts on C4DCafe: http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/93215-selecting-objects-in-heirarchy-with-python/ http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/93352-navigating-the-timeline-with-python/ For the most detailed documentation, check out the C4D SDK on Python: https://developers.maxon.net/docs/Cinema4DPythonSDK/html/index.html Additional information that I've found to be helpful: http://www.curiousanimal.tv/blog/c4d-python-fun-copying-things/ http://www.cineversity.com/wiki/Category:Scripting/plugincafe.com http://cgrebel.com/category/cinema-4d-scripting.html https://www.curiousanimal.tv/blog/c4d-python-snippet-navigating-hierarchy/
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