Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial 1 - Basic Editing

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0:48 Opening a new project
1:12 Changing scratch disks to D
2:17 Saving to D Drive
2:55 Window overview
4:07 Resetting window workspace
4:22 Changing keyboard shortcuts
5:23 Importing files and preview pane
7:18 Previewing clips
7:45 Adjusting preview quality
8:18 Marking in/out
8:51 Moving clips to timeline
9:00 Accepting sequence settings
9:50 Timeline playback
10:10 Changing clip length in timeline
10:20 Zooming in timeline
10:52 Rendering
11:27 Saving
11:54 Moving clips in timeline
12:24 Time marker/playhead position
13:02 Tools overview
13:56 Pen tool and fading in/out
15:30 History tool
17:00 Keyboard shortcuts
17:30 Snapping
18:20 Preview zooms
18:45 Multilayer editing
19:57 Linking and unlinking/deleting audio
22:04 Adding soundtrack
23:33 Ghost frames
24:22 Adjusting audio/removing peaks
25:44 Adding tracks
26:03 Recording narration/voiceover
26:40 Adding text/titles
29:36 Effects
32:20 Colour Correction
32:37 Exporting a still frame
33:36 Colour Correction and Black and White
36:11 Ken Burns effect
39:19 Exporting
Adobe Premiere Pro

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