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  • 02:22 Popular "DUM DITTY DUMB" - Crystal Kay [Official Video]

    "DUM DITTY DUMB" - Crystal Kay [Official Video]

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    Directors: Tani Ikeda & Laura Yilmaz Producer: Tani Ikeda 1st AD: Li Lu DP: Jay Visit 1st AC: Gabriel Diniz 2nd AC: Michael Tubrindy 2D Lead: Laura Yilmaz 2D Animators: Ryan Gillis, Simon Wilches Castr

  • 02:09 Popular EF 50 Years - Live the language

    EF 50 Years - Live the language

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    Commercial for EF International Language Centers. Directed by Gustav Johansson ( D.O.P: Evan Prosofsky ( Typography: Albin Holmqvist ( Assistant graphic design: Peter St. James Client: EF Internatio

  • 02:14 Popular AUGUST


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    AUGUST is the final chapter of three films dedicated to summer. Watch the first film, JUNE, here: Watch the second film, JULY, here: Written & Directed by Mark Mazur Cinematography by Josh Becker Produced by

  • 02:25 Popular Eye know

    Eye know

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    The streetlight which lights up the city. The light draws various form. Independent Film Project Directed by Hiroshi Kondo ( Sound by Ayako Taniguchi ( Copyright 2014, All rights reserved; STNW Inc. HiroshiKond

  • 05:00 Popular On  Loop

    On Loop

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    - Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning. - Royal College of Art graduation film by Christine Hooper. Starring the vocal talents of (BBC Have I Got News For You, QI, Channel 4



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    Arcus Cloud Kansas City August 29, 2014. License this footage; visit visit

  • 08:22 Popular Dripped


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    Production : Director : Léo Verrier Original Music : Pablo Pico Sound Design : Attention O'Chien -

  • 03:19 Popular Labrinth - Let It Be

    Labrinth - Let It Be

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    Directors - Us Production Company - Academy Films Producer - Liz Kessler Production Manager - Tabetha Glass-Jackman 1st AD - James Dyer DOP - Ben Magahy Art Director - Sam Waters Post - Electric Theatre Collective Grade - Aubrey Woodiwiss @ ETC Edit - Vid

  • 04:42 Popular Delta Spirit "From Now On"

    Delta Spirit "From Now On"

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    CAST Rachel Cox Eli Moon Michael Moon Michael Woods CREW Director: Andrew Bruntel Director: Isaac Cole Producer: Rachel Nederveld Producer: Sue Ahn Editor: Ed Yonaitis Director of Photography: Drew Bienemann Electrical Gaffer: Brian Bell Colorist: Drew Bi

  • 02:56 Popular Moments In Asia - iPhone 5s 120fps

    Moments In Asia - iPhone 5s 120fps

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    Spring 2014 was the best time of my life. I spent 35 days exploring 11 different cities in Japan, China and Southeast Asia as a work assignment. I had chance to see new places, meet new people and experience new things I had never done before. This is my

  • 04:22 Popular Hopkins & Delaney LLP

    Hopkins & Delaney LLP

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    An important client visits the law offices of Hopkins & Delaney LLP to discuss his copyright infringement suit. / / Making of -

  • 02:06 Popular Paris Through Pentax

    Paris Through Pentax

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    Discover the city of love through a legendary camera, the Pentax 67. Music : A.taylor - A late night's wandering Thanks to Gaetan Morant (Absolt Agency) for the typography.

  • 02:09 Popular BHUTAN


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  • 07:26 Popular Lake of Dreams

    Lake of Dreams

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    Lake of Dreams - Burning Man 2013 Please join my very special email list for a free soundtrack download and HD images from the film: Film and Music by Roy Two Thousand (

  • 12:50 Popular Find Snowboarding: KAZAKHSTAN

    Find Snowboarding: KAZAKHSTAN

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    This year Rome Snowboards set out to explore snowboarding in places you would not expect. For their first trip they traveled to Kazakhstan. Little was known about the former Soviet country in central Asia, officially called the Republic Of Kazakhstan, but

  • 11:39 Popular Clayton Vila - A Career Reflection

    Clayton Vila - A Career Reflection

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    Produced by Clayton Vila Edited by William Desena Clayton Vila's new short film "FIVE" coming this fall. CLAYTONVILA.TV Facebook fanpage:

  • 07:11 Popular ELIXIR


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    The story of Nick Geddes. A film by Leo Zuckerman. ELIXIR is a short film about young, up-and-coming mountain bike racer, Nick Geddes. To get through the toughest and most unexpected challenge of his life, Nick finds inspiration in the most simple of idea

  • 02:18 Popular STUFF PICK


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    The era we are living could be easily described as the "being hipster" one. Considering how Wes Anderson's movies, indie music and vintage (sometimes non-sense) ingredients became emblematic for this generation, the explanation of the phenomenon is not so

  • 03:30 Popular Dan Rhatigan on Ryman Eco

    Dan Rhatigan on Ryman Eco

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    Monotype's Dan Rhatigan discusses Ryman Eco, the world's most beautiful sustainable font.

  • 03:17 Popular "It's Showtime" Obesity & Speed

    "It's Showtime" Obesity & Speed

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    Director: Crystal Moselle DP: Owen Donovan Starring MALIK

  • 04:20 Popular Chet Faker - Gold

    Chet Faker - Gold

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    starring: Candice Heiden April Corley Appelusa McGlynn dir Hiro Murai prod Kimberly Stuckwisch dp Larkin Seiple choreographer: Ryan Heffington AD: Jamar Hawkins gaffer: Matt Ardine prod design: Maxwell Orgell PM: Sara Eric Lacombe wardrobe: Elise Velasco

  • 01:03 Popular Men's Health // How a Bean Becomes a Fart

    Men's Health // How a Bean Becomes a Fart

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    Well, we've always wondered how this happens. And now we know, thanks to Men's Health Magazine asking us to bring Rami's amazing infographic to life. Open a can of beans and follow along. Client: Men's Health Magazine Creative Director: Thomas O'Quinn Ill

  • 02:40 Popular Listen Senior Film

    Listen Senior Film

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    Imagine living a life where the world you perceive and experience around you is entirely different than that of your peers, and your family — where you feel… misunderstood. Autism is the one of the highest growing serious developmental disabilities today.

  • 03:36 Popular Michael Robbins Furniture

    Michael Robbins Furniture

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  • 05:28 Popular ‘Am I Next?': Ferguson’s Protests Through the Eyes of a Teenager

    ‘Am I Next?': Ferguson’s Protests Through the Eyes of a Teenager

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    Looting, chanting, tear gas, rubber bullets – these are the images from Ferguson, Mo. entering American homes. But the vast majority of protesters are armed with little more than chalk and paper signs, hoping to create a memorial for Michael Brown, the te

  • 06:56 Popular ANTHEM - By Kawehi (Off of my newest EP, Robot Heart)

    ANTHEM - By Kawehi (Off of my newest EP, Robot Heart)

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    Directed By Paul Wight Download this song: HAPPY MONDAY MOFOS!!!! As promised, here is a new music video for ANTHEM, the first single off of my latest release, Robot Heart. Every sound you hear on ANTHEM was created solely with my vo

  • 10:53 Popular Roma


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    Roma is a documentary that brings to light a community that has been somewhat forgotten. Delighted to have been featured as Doc X on Dazed Digital - To find out more visit Directed by Sam Davis Produced by Alex Lloyd

  • 06:41 Popular KATALOG I


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    KATALOG I - Short Film Starring: Casper Morilla Ezra Shami Anders Nylander Thomsen Emil Nygaard Director and cinematographer Jasper J. Spanning Written by Emil Nygaard and Jasper J. Spanning Producer Lina Flint Editor Carla Luffe Sound Design Sophia Maj a

  • 03:50 Popular The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - My Club

    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - My Club

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    Directed by Ryan Staake Production Company: Riff Raff Executive Producer: Sarah Boardman Director's Rep: Joceline Gabriel Producer: Geoffrey Morgan 1st AD / PM: Mari Stracke Director of Photography: Carl Burke Focus Puller: Job Reineke 2nd AC: Suzy Fownes

  • 03:43 Popular HOUT


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    Hout (Wood) tells the story of a retired woodcrafter living his remaining days in a snow coated forest, fulfilling his passion: constructing wooden animals. ‘Hout’ is a short animation created by 2nd year animation students at the Utrecht School of the Ar

  • 03:14 Popular Charles Bukowski. Uncensored.

    Charles Bukowski. Uncensored.

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    In 1993, candid conversations between Charles Bukowski, his wife, and his producer took place in Bukowski’s home during the recording session for his classic Run With the Hunted. We brought the outtakes to life for HarperCollins. Animation by Drew Christi

  • 15:43 Popular Welcome: Louif Paradis

    Welcome: Louif Paradis

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    Louif Paradis’ name wasn’t always synonymous with street snowboarding. That took work. Day after day, Louif grew up snowboarding the streets of Quebec City, focusing on simply riding his best, keeping his style on point, and riding spots that were unique