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07 - RealFlow 2013 : HyFlip, A Basic Hybrido2 Workflow

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When you work with Hybrido grid fluids, you always need a specific setup. The first node is a grid fluid domain to subdivide the simulation space into equal cells. The domain can be seen as an environment where the fluid simulation actually takes place. At the moment, the domain is nothing but an empty space and when you hit "Simulate" nothing happens, because so far you have not told Hybrido where it should create the fluid (particles). For this purpose, two elements are required: the first one is an object to define the volume that will hold the fluid and the other node is an emitter. An arrow at the node's viewport symbol indicates the direction of emission. When you rotate the emitter you can change this direction.

At this stage, a simulation creates a fluid volume within the emitter object, but without motion. To make the fluid move, a force is required. In most cases, this force will be introduced with the "Gravity" daemon, but it can be any other force-based daemon as well, for example "Wind", "Noise field" or the "Vortex" daemon. Now, the scene is already complete and you can proceed with the settings.

In further steps you create the secondary effects: splashes, foam and mist from the already cached core fluid simulation.

00:00 - Basic Elements and Setup
03:30 - Basic Adjustments
08:08 - Simulation Settings
11:21 - Streaming Emitters

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